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Welcome to DoDa Associates, your premier destination for innovative tiny and small house plan designs. At DoDa Associates, we specialize in designing functional, stylish, and efficient living spaces that maximize every square inch.

Our designs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern living, offering clever solutions for space-saving, sustainability, and comfort. Whether you’re looking to downsize, embrace minimalism, or create a cozy vacation retreat, our expert team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Discover the perfect blend of creativity and practicality with DoDa, where every square foot is designed with care and ingenuity.



Our research is rooted in exploring the latest trends and technologies in small space living. We continuously study innovative design techniques and sustainable building practices to ensure our house plans are at the forefront of energy efficiency and comfort.

Brand Identity

Zippity DoDa Associates is synonymous with innovation in tiny and small house plan designs. Our brand is dedicated to transforming compact spaces into functional, stylish, and sustainable homes that cater to modern living needs.

Online Offerings

We offer detailed house plans and customizable design options. Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily explore and select the perfect small or tiny home design to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

US and our plans

DoDa Associates specializes in tiny and small house plans, complete with construction drawings for residential projects in Ontario, Canada. Our designs are meticulously drafted to meet the Ontario Building Code and reviewed by a registered Ontario Building Official, ensuring a smooth application process. Our plans are available in digital formats (PDF or CAD) or as printed sets when available. Serving both private individuals and builders, we offer unique plans with new plans added weekly. We provide fresh and innovative options to suit your needs.

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DoDa Associates invites you to submit your design ideas to our online portal. Whether you’re interested in becoming an associate or seeking modifications to an existing plan, simply complete the form below to get started.